ExCalibBEM assists building energy simulation experts in the calibration of models. The software facilitates the implementation of parametric and optimization runs so that the simulation results correspond to measured data. ExCalibBEM uses GenOpt, a generic optimization program (http://simulationresearch.lbl.gov/GO/) developed by LBNL laboratory, to manage the launch of parametric and optimization runs. ExCalibBEM can be described as a simple and complete interface to GenOpt with several interesting functionalities including the generation of an objective function for calibration purposes, the automatic creation of input data with the required indicators and the visualization of simulated and measured data. This version of ExCalibBEM supports the EnergyPlus and DOE2.2 simulation engines.

A short video describing ExCalibBEM is available on youtube : ExcalibBEM : Software presentation

To download ExCalibBEM, log into SIMEB site and click on Download button.

Few snapshots of ExcalibBEM user interface :

1) Project tab : Defines calculation engine and input data files


2) Simulation tab : Visualizes and edits input/output files and launches simulation


3) Optimisation/Definition tab : Defines optimization algorithm type


4) Optimisation/Parametric tab : Defines parameters and links with simulation objects properties


5) Optimisation/Run tab : Launches optimization calculation and follows up results


6) Visualization tab: Plots curves